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Jeffrey T. Barber [Aug. 1st, 2004|11:14 am]

For those who knew him: Jeffrey T. Barber.
I also found this much better article/obit from the McComb online paper.
Jeff Barber
pictures and stuff
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clicky click click photos [May. 7th, 2004|01:18 pm]

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pictures from D.C. Berry's protest against the Thames administration
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DC Berry Protests Thames Administration at 10 a.m. May 7th [May. 7th, 2004|09:11 am]

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To: usmlibs-l@usm.edu
Subject: [Usmlibs-l] fyi

Copied from Message Board:
David Chapman Berry, poet lachrymose and Professor of English, known to many of you as DC Berry, will stage a personal protest at 10AM in front of the Liberal Arts Building Friday, May 7, 2004.

At that time Berry, who is retiring immediately from his position at the University of Southern Mississippi in large measure because of the poisonous atmosphere created by the Thames administration, will publicly destroy the several (3) Excellence in Teaching Awards, won over his 27 years of service to the university.

He does this as a complete repudiation of the Thames administration and its two years of operations antithetical to the best interests of the students, faculty, and supporters of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Berry has invited the local media, including representatives of the Hattiesburg American and WDAM, to attend this event.

You are invited to attend this small but important event.
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Update [Apr. 27th, 2004|10:38 am]

As a public service, WUSM-FM 88.5 will present complete live coverage of the
open hearings beginning at approximately 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 28 and
Thursday, April 29. We ask that everyone on campus and in the community listen
to our radio signal as our Internet broadcast capacity is extremely limited.

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2 at USM finalists for top jobs at Texas universities [Apr. 20th, 2004|10:19 am]

[mood |annoyedannoyed]

"Two top University of Southern Mississippi administrators with nearly 50 years of service between them are finalists for positions in Texas.

Provost Tim Hudson is one of seven finalists for the presidency of the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, the university's Board of Regents announced Monday. Hudson also is a finalist for president at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania."

April 20, 2004

By Riva Brown
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Thought you guys might be interested in this.... [Apr. 4th, 2004|01:57 pm]

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Pictures from Founder's Day, 3-30-04 [Mar. 31st, 2004|06:36 pm]

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[music |NIN - "I do not want this"]

Picture 1
Picture 2
Go to entire album of Anti-Thames Protest pics taken by me
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2004|06:47 pm]

[mood |determined]

All my USM classmates out there....

Be at Javawerks tomorrow (Thursday, March 25, 2004) night at 6:30PM.
The meeting is for any and all who are concerned and want to restore our university to the wonderful institution it once was -- We are organizing a USM chapter of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

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Originally posted by paperclip4444 [Mar. 12th, 2004|03:17 pm]

This e-mail was forwarded around this morning to contest the above posted letter:

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004
From: Peter Butko


I note that this morning's "talking points on procedure" is an unsigned anonymous e-mail, which attempts to justify recent President's actions. The main error in that message is a misunderstanding of "Departmental Personnel Authorities". These are departmental personnel committees and they, of course, have nothing to do with the dismissal of tenured faculty. Their role is only faculty evaluations and they report or transmit those only to the chairs. Below I quote more relevant sections of the current Faculty Handbook.

From the current Faculty Handbook

Section XI, 3.1: "The Board also mandates that the state universities must establish internal structures and policies regulating the dismissal of faculty members. The constitutional authority of the Board, therefore, requires the University President to establish institutional bodies and to define and follow contractual due process in all institutional deliberations involving tenure and dismissal." This is followed by a footnote, which includes: "Ibid., Section 403.0103 (Board Minutes, Mar. 1991) mandates that the President will be advised by institutional committees in all actions involving the dismissal or the termination of the employment of tenured faculty and mentions the resulting 'institutional due process procedures'." (Ibid refers to the Board Policies and Bylaws.)

Section XI, 3.2: "In all other personnel recommendations (i.e., other than tenure and dismissal - my comment) pertaining to the academic staff, the University President is required by neither state law nor Board policy to establish institutional advisory bodies, and the President may or may not seek advice within the institution. Nevertheless, the President elects to be advised by subordinate institutional officers and by faculty bodies and has approved procedures governing their deliberations. In such cases, the procedures regulating the processes by which advice is tendered are established and maintained at the discretion of the University President."

Section XI, 3.3: "The President is advised on personnel recommendations by the administrative heads of the University's academic units (departmental chairs; directors of centers, divisions, schools, and research entities; college deans; the Vice President for USM Gulf Coast; and the University Librarian), by the Provost, by the Vice President for Research, and, in matters within their administrative purview, by other vice presidents. Institutional officers advising the University President on personnel recommendations are in turn advised by a number of faculty bodies within the University. These bodies are of different types, each being defined by the nature of the personnel recommendation or recommendations assigned to its purview and the source of the authority regulating its deliberations. The advice so rendered in no way compromises the exclusive legal responsibility of the Office of the President for all personnel nominations and recommendations advanced by USM to the Board of Trustees."
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Another Letter to the USM Community [Mar. 12th, 2004|09:09 am]


TALKING POINTS ON PROCEDURE Questions have been raised concerning whether the proper procedures have been followed in the suspension and initiation of termination procedures against Dr. Frank Glamser and Dr. Gary Stringer. Specifically, the Faculty Senate and AAUP union have made these claims without citing any rule or policy that has been violated. In our continuing effort to keep everyone informed of the TRUTH, I want to clarify the rules and the procedures being followed in this matter: *Department Level: It has been claimed that I should have consulted with the department chairs concerning this action. Chapter XI, Section 9.1 of the current Faculty Handbook clearly states that "Departmental Personnel Authorities do not deliberate or transmit to responsible college deans personnel recommendations regarding renewal/nonrenewal of employment, dismissal from employment, or termination of employment."

*Deans: Chapter XI, Section 16 of the current Faculty Handbook states that "deans may originate at their discretion personnel actions involving members of the academic staffs of their respective colleges... Normally, however, college deans function de novo, reviewing departmental personnel evaluations, reviews and recommendations" I did not involve the deans in this matter because I did not want to expose them to the unfair unwarranted criticism to which I have been subjected.

*Provost: Chapter XI, Section 19 of the current Faculty Handbook states that "the Provost may initiate personnel actions." Chapter XII, Section 2.6 also provides that the provosts may handle appeals involving dismissal or termination of employment. I did not involve the Provosts in this decision for the same reason that I did not involve the deans.

*President: Chapter XI, Section 22 of the current Faculty Handbook states that "the University President may initiate personnel actions involving members of the instructional staff." I exercised this discretion based upon my conviction that it was in the best interests of the students, faculty, and the University.

*Proposed Handbook Changes: You heard much debate through last summer and fall about the revision of the Faculty Handbook and, in particular, the procedures for termination of tenured faculty contained in the now famous "Section 11.3." What you did not hear was that in the initial draft I proposed to the Faculty Handbook Committee, I wanted to transfer much of that authority to the department chairs and the deans, and to provide an appeal process to the deans, the provosts, and ultimately to me. The Faculty Senate and the AAUP union adamantly rejected this proposal. Dr. Myron Henry, president of the Faculty Senate and its representative on the Faculty Handbook Committee, insisted that these provisions be removed. Myron Henry insisted that even the Provosts should not have the authority to initiate termination proceedings against tenured faculty. Myron Henry insisted that only the President should have the authority to initiate termination proceedings against tenured faculty. That is how the final draft of the Faculty Handbook reads.

*Suspension: Issues have been raised concerning my authority to suspend Drs. Glamser and Stringer WITH PAY. It is claimed that I had no authority to do this unless they posed a danger to the students. Chapter X, section 6.2 of the current Faculty Handbook states that "The employment contracts of parties dismissed for malfeasance, for inefficiency, for [insubordination], or for cause may be [terminated] by the Board at any time with the dismissed party retaining no right to continued employment for any period of time. At the discretion of the University President, the contracted remuneration of such parties may be paid or not paid, and the dismissed party may be allowed to retain or required to relinquish teaching duties, assignments, appointments, and privileges, pending an institutional hearing or upon dismissal for the reasons stated above."

*Hearing: The Faculty Handbook and the IHL Board Policies and Bylaws contain identical provisions concerning the hearing to be conducted. Both state as follows:

Termination for cause of a tenured faculty member or the dismissal for cause of a faculty member prior to the expiration of a term appointment shall not be recom­mended by the Institutional Executive Officer until the faculty member has been afforded the opportunity for a hearing. In no event shall the contract of a tenured faculty member be terminated for cause without the faculty member being afforded the opportunity for a hearing.

In all cases the faculty member shall be informed in writing of the proposed action against him/her and that he/she has the opportunity to be heard in his/her own defense. Within ten (10) calendar days of notification of the proposed action and opportunity to be heard, the faculty member shall state in writing his/her desire to have a hearing. He/she shall be permitted to have with him/her an advisor of his/her own choosing who may be an attorney. The institution is directed to record (suitable for transcription) all hearings. In the hearing of charges of incompetence, the testimony shall include that of faculty and other scholars.

The University has followed, and will continue to follow all University and IHL Board rules and regulations.

I am not sure what of this is actually true regarding the Faculty Handbook, but I do know that they WERE NOT informed in writing before they were locked out of their offices.  Meaning the university has NOT followed ALL guidelines.  Plus, Thames originally TERMINATED them, THEN "suspended them WITHOUT pay, THEN suspended with pay.  See how stupid he thinks USM employees, students, and alumni are?

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